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Don’t get Holidazed! Save Money During The Holiday Season! Written by Michelle Rivera

1. Use Social Media and Technology To Your Advantage! Do you know that many of your favorite stores have Facebook pages and that if you “LIKE” those pages they will offer you discounts on products they carry? That’s right, the world of finding deals has changed, so sign on to your Facebook page, you probably are there...


Forget The Boring, Expensive Holiday Gift Baskets! Original, Affordable…SHOP EatinAsian Instead! Written by Michelle Rivera

EatinAsian’s Spring Roll Starter Kit is only $38.00 and is absolutely a yummy gift idea for the holidays!  Compared to the over priced, predictable, holiday gift basket that can range anywhere from $70.00 to $300.00, the Spring Roll Starter Kit is a breath of fresh air offering both affordability and  originality! Each Spring Roll Starter kit...