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Love, Simon

20th Century Fox invited me to the Pre-Screening of ‘Love, Simon,’ but all opinions expressed are my own.


I attended the Media Screening/Press Junket for the film, ‘Love, Simon. The film stars Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, and Josh Duhamel. I can honestly say that I highly recommend this film. It’s a modern day coming-of-age story that is reminiscent of those classic John Hughes films that we all love. ‘Love, Simon’ also has an amazing message and I highly recommend parents take their teens to check it out. The story is about a 17 yr old boy, Simon Spier who has not told his family and friends that he is gay.

In addition he has secretly fallen in love with an anonymous classmate online who has been going through the same thing as Simon and their online relationship and love for one another develops as they share their individual journeys with one another. This movie is a touching, hilariously funny, coming-of-age love story that tackles what it’s like being a gay teen whose trying to come out in his  world.

Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner are heartwarming as the parents and actor Nick Robinson will capture your heart as Simon! ‘Love, Simon’ will be out in theaters on March 16th and is rated PG-13. I have to say I was very impressed by how endearing the story was, and I loved how funny and entertaining it was too. The entire cast was absolutely AMAZING. Check out the official trailer!

Also, check out what Nick Robinson had to say about the coming-out scenes and how they were executed in the film:

Nick Robinson:  “I think there were several scenes.  The one–kind of all of the sequences of coming out.  The first coming out scene between Alex and I, I thought was handled really delicately and kind of beautifully and not too heavy-handed.  And it was hard to get that from the script, but after talking to Greg [Berlanti, director] I felt confident that he would be able to kind of bring the delicacy that it needed.  

And then also the scenes between Josh and Jen, just because they were so beautifully written and I felt like kind of necessary for this whole journey that this Simon character goes on.”

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