My heart is full with all of the amazing women I had the opportunity to spend time with at the ConnectHer17 Media Conference. This year the conference was held at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and it was an absolutely beautiful venue for this very special event. I was honored this year to be asked by the Founder of ConnectHer17, Laura Filipowicz, to be the Master of Ceremony’s and of course I had to say “YES!” to that fabulous invitation.


Laura Filipowicz and I
Founder of ConnectHer17 Media, Laura Filipowicz and I.

In addition, I also had the wonderful opportunity to host a Roundtable where I taught about Authentic Branding. I enjoyed all of the intelligent and inspirational women I was able to meet both at the conference throughout the weekend, as well at at my Roundtable on both Saturday and Sunday.



If you are not familiar with the ConnectHer17 Media Conference, then allow me to give you the scoop on what it is.

Here is an overview on what the ConnectHer Media Conference is all about, directly from the ConnectHer media website itself:

“The ConnectHER Media Conference is a unique and exclusive event that is designed to deliver rich content and facilitate direct interaction for those in attendance.  #ConnectHER17 guests include writers, influencers, bloggers, moms, PR, marketing, entrepreneurs and brands looking to learn and engage in conversation. Our focus is on providing quality content and a unique environment where our guests are able to take the information from our event, straight to their projects. The ConnectHER Media Conference is more than just another conference, it’s an experience!

We always aims to bridge the gap between influencers, brands, PR, marketing and entrepreneurs and focuses on direct interaction by providing plenty of opportunities for business growth.  We are focused on creating an interactive environment and providing our guests with unique experiences. Big on the agenda for ConnectHER17 is ensuring that guests leave the event with actual take-away information about business development, branding, social media and to also facilitate the interaction between influencers, brands and PR.”

So all I can say is “YES!” and “YES!” to all of this. ConnectHer17 delivered on all of this and so much more! The Keynote Speakers for starter were AMAZING: Nicole Feliciano of Mom Boss and Katie Ann Rosen Kitchens of FabFitFun.


I had the honor of getting to introduce Nicole Feliciano on the 2nd day of the conference!

Our Keynote Speakers spoke about many important topics for women in business. Specifically, letting go of fears and self-doubt, as well as learning how to maintain a healthy Life/Work Balance. Both Keynotes were very inspiring for me, to say the least.

Now let’s talk about the Sponsors, our VERY AWESOME sponsors!  Giordano’s featuring Deutsch Family wines sponsored a dinner the first night. The food and wine were FABULOUS and the Giordano’s Ambassador who was presenting the pizzas was quite a cutie too. LOL! Oh come on ladies, you all chimed in about him with me on my Instagram. 😉


The next night was at Johnny Rockets. The burgers, the milkshakes, and the tater tots and fries were to die for!!

Okay, let’s talk about the SWAG at this conference too from all of the amazing Vendors who were there sharing about their fabulous products:  We were gifted by FabFitFun, IASO, Shea Moisture, Johnny Rockets, Primal Kitchen, Silc Skin, Genexa, Graffiti Gloss, Eppa Sangria, Argan Oil,and Got Milk. 

Xcaret Mexico, Venice Child, Total Mom Makeover, and YaYa’s Sweet Surprise can not be forgotten as well.

On a more personal note now, I also must mention my amazing friend and one of the Roundtable Speakers Yvonne Heimann of Ask Yvi for her Impressive planner she gifted me with. It is truly one of the best planners I have ever had! Thank you so much Yvonne! I also must mention some other fabulous women who I crossed paths with that weekend: Carolyn West of This Talk Aint CheapDr. Elise Cohen Ho, Lisa Brambilla, Survivor Eyes, Kristin Cruz of The Mom Show, Saarah Samadani of New Bloom media, Natasha Olson of Stay Posi Lifestyle, and Dana Zucker at Moms Good Eats.

Yvonne Heimann and I.


Me and Kristin Cruz
Me and Kristin Cruz

I really wish I could list off all of the wonderful women I spent that amazing weekend with, but I think of them often and their individual stories inspire me daily.

And one special woman, I spent that awesome weekend with too is my mom Carmen! It was her birthday weekend and she too thouroughly enjoyed the ConnectHer17 Media Conference.

My mom and I
My mom and I

You don’t want to miss next year’s ConnectHer17 Media Conference. It will be at the SLS in Las Vegas again. Get your tickets here : https://connecther18.eventbrite.com. 


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