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Too “Rated-R” For The Pumpkin Patch?!? Parents What Do You Think and What Would You do? Written by Michelle Rivera

You gather up your little ones for your traditional family outing to the pumpkin patch during the Halloween/Fall season.   They’re all dressed up in their cute Fall attire, Halloween shirts, or costumes and you look forward to a day of hayrides or tractor rides, corn mazes, petting zoos, and pumpkin picking.   You’ve arrived...


What Is Infant Massage? Written by Jade Lee

I have been teaching Infant Massage for a while now and I still get so many people who come to me and ask, what exactly is Infant Massage? My favorite term for Infant Massage is that it is “The Art of Touch.”  It is a beautiful form of bonding between a parent and their child...


Not All Moms Are Created Equal…Written by Lindsay O’Neil

When it comes to core values, I think us mamas (and papas) are all a lot more alike than we are different.  We all tend to focus on the big things – family, finances, health, and safety.  And in that way, we can all commiserate and relate to one another. However, no matter how much we...


My Groovy Planet Written by Staci

As moms, we are responsible for teaching our kids a varied of incredibly important things: how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, how to care for skinned knees and broken hearts, and how to brush their teeth and have them spit without covering every inch of the bathroom in toothpaste. However, some of the really...