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As a direct result of my son’s craniosynostosis surgery, he has to wear a cranial helmet to help finish the shaping of his head. The goal is a perfect Charlie Brown shaped head. The helmet costs $2000 (thank you insurance for covering!), and it comes in a nice white.

Well, I was dying to get something on there.  I REALLY wanted to get it airbrushed.  However as much as I tried, I could not convince my husband to go along with it.  He said to me, the first time, that it was too much money.  The second time he said that I like to spend money, just to spend it, and then the third time, he said that I must think money grows on trees.

His solution:  Spray paint it and we can decorate it with stickers.  He saw a girl with a helmet decorated that way at orthotics.   So since I tried to convince him to get it airbrushed numerous times and he continuously said no, I decided I would just go along with his plan.  And this was the end result:

Epic fail, right?  It gets worse. I cannot get the sticker letters so that I can re-do them for at least a few days.  AND!  The spray paint is coming off the helmet along the edges.  It has also left blue on Little Guy’s sheets.  Good thing they are cheap ones.   So now, I’m stuck with this crummy looking helmet for the next few months!  I don’t know what to do at this point, except for re-doing it (which we all know, is not happening). *sigh* Epic. Fail. On. Me.  And I now have a daily reminder that mommas really do know best.

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